Monday, October 26, 2009

The Stack

The backseat of my car is often littered with multiple papers that have been accumulated over a week or two at the hand of Aidan. He must bring home, at minimum, five worksheets/art projects/writing practice sheets a day. He only goes to school 2 1/2 days a week, but the amount of paper that comes home with him is staggering. I am pleased, of course, that he learns so much at school, that he is practicing the same things I'm teaching him at home, that his creativity is being encouraged.

I'm not the best. I definitely do not take a close look at what is coming home with him on a daily basis. I sat down over the weekend to ruffle through the stack; I typically hold on to an item or two for the fridge and discard the rest. (If anyone has a brilliant suggestion for how to avoid the guilt I feel when doing this, please share!)

Hot tears sprang to my eyes on the third sheet. It was an All About Me book. Aidan had written that he is most proud of, "how much I love my mommy."

I think I'll be making a point to look through these worksheets on a decidedly more regular basis.

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  1. awww aren't those the best surprises?? every now and then Cierra will say, out of the blue, "Mom, you're my best friend ever" and regardless of how i'm feeling, it always makes me smile!