Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Morning chatter

I delight in those precious moments that start our day where Aidan and I converse about whatever we please as I drive him to school. Sometimes the topic of conversation is the sunrise, or about how Aidan does not want to wear what he is wearing, at other moments a request to listen to The Late Greats, or what we are going to do when mommy gets off work. Today:

Aidan: Mom, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Me: I hadn't really thought about it. What do you think I should be?

Aidan: Hmm, how about a nice, pretty mama!

Silence; I adjust the rearview mirror to look at him.

Me: Um, honey, Halloween is for costumes.

Aidan: Yeah...

Me: So you don't usually think I'm a nice, pretty mom?

Aidan: Oh. Right. Well, how about a witch then?

And I swear, that kid with impeccable timing smirked at me.

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