Monday, October 19, 2009

Chicken Nuggets and Fries!

I did something I’ve never done before with my kid yesterday. My kid who will be five in February. The picky eater, former vegetarian who has recently decided he will eat chicken nuggets, turkey hot dogs, homemade bread and still likes the fruits and veggies that have been sustaining his existence up until now. I have lost WEEKS of my life trying to get that boy to eat. I simply cannot comprehend how someone could have THAT much energy when I know darn well that he had two carrot sticks, four grapes and a forced nibble of peanut better and jelly for lunch. I have coaxed, prodded, pleaded, bribed and lost my temper, all in the name of a few more bites.

The stars are beaming at me; he now consumes relatively balanced meals without a fuss. Although this child, who wouldn’t touch mac and cheese with a ten foot pole, has informed me that he *might* like pasta when he is five. Four-year-olds just aren’t ready yet. Same goes for salad.

Anyways, back to my point.

I took Aidan to McDonald’s. MCDONALD’S! For a Happy Meal! And you get a toy! And this was after I took him to see Where the Wild Things Are, and I was officially the coolest mom ever yesterday.

Aidan was practically giddy with excitement.

Mommy does not do McDonald’s. Case in point- at the Tulip Time parade last year a friend excitedly said, “Aidan! Look! It’s Ronald McDonald!”

My kid: “Who’s that?”

Mommy doesn’t really do fast food in general.

He was bouncing off the walls excited, or maybe it was the chocolate milk with 25 grams of sugar, but I was awarded a huge hug, and “Mommy. Best. Day. Ever.”

Maybe I will make this whole McDonald’s thing a yearly trip. You know, because I need Aidan to think I am cool at least once a year.

Who knows. Maybe he’ll get a cheeseburger next time!


  1. Funny. My son refused to speak until I finally gave in and gave him boxed mac & cheese, he looked up and said clearly, 'Thank you.'

  2. hahaha chicken nuggets, apples, and milk are a staple of cierra's diet :)