Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pillow Fights in Our Underwear? Not So Much.

My friend Jamey and I were discussing our weekend plans via e-mail. He has a game night planned with friends this weekend, I'm hosting a girls' night. I had to laugh when he posed the typical male question, "I assume you all will be having pillow fights in your underwear?"

I don't know what it is with men and them envisioning this scene and how they cling to a ray of hope that it could ever be possible. Jamey is a fantastic writer with a great daily blog. He will be discussing why men even pose the question and what type of answer they're looking for. Check out his point of view! From the female perspective:

The fantasy:

They think we're the pinnacle of attraction at these girls' nights. They fantasize about us wearing lacy pink underwear with sexy bras (which, of course, match our panties) and our long hair resting on our cleavage. Or maybe a black garter with a rhinestone bra (matching again, of course) and spike heels, if that's your thing. In these fantasies, we're throwing our toned, desirable bodies all over the living room and the bed with pillows clenched in our hands and a couple of stray feathers floating down to the plush carpeting as we playfully hit each other. High pitched giggling rings through the air as a pillow unexpectedly grazes us from the side.

The reality?

We show up, some of us in our pajamas, all in need of a drink after the week's demands of working, parenting and attending class. These pajamas are a t-shirt, that might possibly have a stain on it from a child's mishap or perhaps rushing to get that evening's tacos ready so we could get out the door, paired with faded bottoms that do not match. Our hair is tossed up, no one has put on bronzer before departing and when we sink into the comfort of a worn couch, there's little hope we'll be getting up until we need another drink. The sex talk involves how ticked off one girl is that her husband stopped, mid-foreplay, and pointed to her stomach. "What's that?"

End of all sexiness: "That's a stretch mark. From the children I gave you."

If we are showing any more skin at some point in the evening than when we walked in the door, it's only to turn disgustingly to a friend. "Are we getting old? I don't feel like I had back fat before. Let me see your back."

We laugh, we share parenting tips, we play Catch Phrase like it's the highlight of our week (it may very well be), we release a little steam about our endless to-do lists and we stuff our faces with the variety of appetizers we've put on the table.

Those poor, poor boys. If they only knew. Maybe we'll just leave them to their fantasies.


  1. Your description of a slumber party sounded like fun to me! Haha...I love girls' night slumber parties. Will asked me the other night, as I left for a friend's annual Pride and Prejudice Sleepover, "Isn't it weird that you guys all sleep over?" ...As if we were too old for slumber parties! Please. Ladies never get too old for girl time like this.

    Also, every year he tells me to take lots of pictures. Of said pillow fighting. That he believes will happen.

  2. Kim--Send Will over to my blog to see if he agrees with my assessment of why us guys ask that question. Yes, we're ridiculous creatures.

    Great blog entry, Penelope. Although, as I mentioned to you earlier, I'm pretty sure you switched the words "fantasy" and "reality."

  3. Haha, great post Jamey. Will says the reason he always asks is because it was a Seinfeld joke. Go figure. :-)

  4. That sounds just like our girls' nights. One of my friends refuses to wear anything BUT pajama pants. Except today. When we're going to a hockey game. That's girly, right?

  5. Ahahahahaha. Thank you for this one!

  6. Kim- I totally agree! Ladies will NEVER get too old for this. :)

    Bradshaw- Hockey is super girly. Anything is girly when you're with the girls you love hanging out with!

    Chels- I figured the ladies in attendance tomorrow would get a huge kick out of this one! Can't wait!