Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's All Wiggly!

I had a bit of a freak out moment last week as I carefully completed an application for Aidan's Kindergarten enrollment next fall. The feeling was compounded when I phoned our doctor's office to obtain the required immunization records. I always shake my head when he puts on a pair of sweatpants that totally fit last week but might now spur a thought of: if he's going to look like he's habitually ready for sports practice or bedtime, the least his mother could do is get the right size. And speaking of sports, I will officially be a soccer mom come Tuesday! With the exception of one unfortunate and ill-timed spill on the snow hill last night, he was perfectly capable of cruising down on a sled solo, while bright lights beamed down on him.

My little boy is growing up.

You don't necessarily notice it when you see them every single day. Even just an absence of a couple days causes me to caress his silky hay-colored hair longer and hug him that much tighter. He always looks just a tad more self-sufficient if I've embarked on a mini-trip with friends and he's spent his weekend playing Go Fish and Slap Happy with Grandma.

Then there are the undeniable milestones, however small, that unexpectedly get you.

On Friday night I prepared dinner for us. A sandwich, applesauce, fruit and corn on the cob- one of Aidan's favorites. He excitedly bit down into the corn on the cob. And subsequently burst into tears. His reaction was so startling that I'm sure I just stared at him as lengthy seconds ticked by. Finally, I snapped to.

"Honey! What's wrong?"

"My, my, my...." He trailed off as fresh, salty tears cascaded down his little cheeks.

"What happened?" I asked again, a little more frantic this time.

"My tooth!" He gasped out.

Then he spoke again. "It's all wiggly!"

His first loose tooth. He had mentioned something the night before, but as he pointed from one side of his mouth to the other in his complaint, I hadn't paid much attention. And, of course, millions of mothers have had this moment, so my moment is not unique.

But I can't believe that sometime in the very near future he'll have a little hole in his mouth and I'll be playing Tooth Fairy.

The good news is, he says he'll eat steak and fish when he has big chompers. His words exactly.


  1. My grandfather calls his teeth chompers. Which basically means your son is awesome.

  2. It's still unique because it's never been Aidan before!

  3. the whole kindergarten thing throws me more than the loose tooth!!! ...i can't believe how old they're getting!

  4. A loose tooth?! Ohmygoodnessgracious! Congrats, A!