Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heels and Push-Ups and Why Wandering Target Is Better than a Pedi

Me: “Careful, Aidan. There’s snow and slush all over the ground.”

Aidan: “Why do you have to be careful? You’re wearing push-ups.”

Me: “Huh?”

Aidan: “You know, your shoes.”

Me: “Oh, you mean my heels?”

Aidan: “Yeah, your push-ups.”

I love laughter at 7:34 in the morning. And Aidan, thank goodness, is always good for a laugh.

This foot related topic reminds me of something I was thinking of the other day, while Christmas shopping for the boy.

Oh, love of my life. Target.

I think every female in the country will agree with this universal truth: It is impossible to go into Target and spend less than $50. I don’t know who is responsible for their store layout and marketing, but BRILLIANT I tell you.

A typical trip: I go in for laundry detergent. Twenty minutes later, I also walk out with a new whisk, sweatpants for Aidan, wrapping paper, a journal, black tights, new push-ups (no, not a bra, I’m using Aidan’s word for heels), contact solution and a blue candle I totally needed for my TV room.

I swear I just went in for the detergent.

This happens to me all the time. I actually have to have months where I forbid myself from entering a Target, otherwise my budget will get flushed down the toilet. I used to think maybe it was just me, and my impulse for pretty and random things, but look at every other woman’s cart. They’re doing it too.

And it just isn’t the same thrill to buy one $200 item. If I’m going to drop $200 at Target, I’d like to have 17 items to show for it. It’s the hunt, really. The mindless wandering through each and every aisle, the debate about whether I really need new washcloths. Or glassware. Or eyeliner. Or paint and construction paper for Aidan. Or kitchen utensils. Or a picture for the wall. It’s the joy of finding items that have just been put on clearance that maybe no one else knows about yet. These trips are absolutely a guilty pleasure of mine.

If I had to pick between a pedicure and an hour by myself at Target with a $50 gift card, I would TOTALLY pick Target. You?


  1. Oh absolutely! Target gift card ALL THE WAY! I love Target so much, I once went twice in one day.

  2. I agree a million times over. Target is a wonderful, and highly DANGEROUS land.

    I have NEVER in my entire life been able to go in there without spending 50+ dollars. Therefore, when I was unemployed I actually forbid myself from stepping foot inside. Even if Target had the best deal on cleaning solution I wouldn't go in. No way.

    Oh Target, how i love thee

  3. Oh yeah, Target is the BEST. It's a rare commodity around here, too, especially when we lived in the District, so it was a big treat to go. Everytime we check out, we're like, "How did we spend $40?!"

  4. TARGET FOR SURE!! If you get out of there at $50, you're lucky. My minimum spend is $100. I'll send my sister to pick something up for me if I just need one thing and can't spare $100 that day!

    This line cracked me up: And it just isn’t the same thrill to buy one $200 item. If I’m going to drop $200 at Target, I’d like to have 17 items to show for it.

    SO TRUE!

    Anyway, love your post and look forward to reading more!

  5. Considering the events of this week, I'm going with Target. Although, I'd go with Target anyway. I can't resist the clearance racks. I can't do it.

  6. I'm a big fan of the "your-favorite-movie-from-five-years-ago-is-now-five-bucks." Done and done, sirs. Love of my life...bane of my existance.

  7. LOVE IT! = ) Thanks for stopping by my blog. This totally is my life. Look forward to reading more.

  8. hmmm... tough one. if an end to a target trip included a foot massage i would be in, haha!