Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally a Graduate!

I cannot sum up graduation weekend in just one post, so this one will be Aidan-focused and the next one will be everything else(surprise party, limo, etc)!

A typical day in the life of Aidan and his mama for the last semester: Mom gets up around 6. Aidan gets another 50 minutes of sleep. Then we're both up and a flurry of activity ensues. Breakfast! Arguments about clothing! Making sure we don't forget show and tell items for A, homework for Mom, both gloves for A, Mom's coffee thermos to keep her sane, etc.

Comments like this constantly ring out, "Aidan! A royal blue shirt and navy blue pants do not match!"

"But Moooommm! They're both blue."

Screw it. We don't have time. You'll just have to look like your mother blindfolded herself before picking out your outfit.

Aidan is off to either his dad's or school for the day, I'm off to work.

The after party: Three days a week Aidan has either been with his dad, a grandma or a girlfriend of mine while I attend school. I pick him up just in time to cuddle him, maybe get a short activity in and on to the bedtime routine. Which he has been dragging out even more than normal as a result of not getting in enough face time with his mama. Which has whittled my patience down to something resembling that of a person who has been stuck behind a train for twelve minutes and was already five minutes late when they got on the road. Not good.

After this full day of excitement, I settle down on the couch with a Spanish novel, or an assignment from writing class.


This has all been about as fun as shoveling my driveway in a hot pink bikini while someone shoots paint balls at me. Just keep going! It'll end at some point! C'mon, dodge that potential disaster! DO IT! Even though you feel as though you may just throw in the towel, sit down and decide it's not worth it.

Last Thursday the mitten blessed us with a snow day. Granted, it was supposed to be my final presentation day for my final Spanish class and now I have to go do that tomorrow, but it was the first Thursday night I've had with my boy since summertime.

We made fudge, we read stories, we took a ring off the Christmas countdown chain we made and we delighted in this lovely little gift of a lowkey evening together.

Last night, after the perfect dinner with friends, I turned off all the lights except the Christmas tree and we cozied up and slept by it together.

I get this ALL THE TIME now. Every week night. Weekends. With my boy. I haven't had this since he was born.

Blinking back tears as we fell asleep under the shimmer of Christmas last night I felt really grateful. Grateful for a boy with infectious laughter and genuine hugs and kisses who sacrificed so much so his mama could finish what she started eight years ago.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so excited for you. Your hard work has paid off and it's something little A will be proud of you for. There is something to be said for the quiet and simple times in life. I love those the very most.

    P.S. My brother is a Michigan State alum so he would approve of the t-shirt. One of my sister's goes to U of M so she, on the other hand, would not. :)

  2. Thanks!! I'm so happy to be done :)

    I actually did my first two years at MSU, so I'm clearly on your brother's side :) That must be quite the family rivalry!

  3. I'm with Junket. Super huge congrats to you!! School's hard enough as it is, and I am beyond impressed you could finish as a single mama. Kudos. :)

  4. Congratulations on finishing school! That's a huge accomplishment!

    I can totally understand the lack of patience -- and it does feel like getting stuck behind a train when you're already late -- you just want to bang your head against something!

    I love the descriptions of you and Aidan -- very, very sweet and reminds me of me and my son when he was younger.

  5. thanks for the post! i feel bad sometimes about how much i'm working right now, but i keep holding onto the fact that it won't be forever! ...and what fudge recipe did you use?