Thursday, November 5, 2009

Road Trippin'

One four-year-old.
One Mama.
One drive from Holland, MI to Madison, WI.
One drive from Madison, WI to Holland, MI.
Zero stops.

Even I'm impressed that I have my little boy so well trained that he follows the "Mommy does not like to stop the car before reaching destination" policy that I've instilled. I take great satisfaction in getting the computer print out that tells me it will be a 5 hour 47 min drive and getting there in 5 hours and 10 min. I'm all triumphant: SUCK IT, MAPQUEST.

Silly, yes. But absolutely true.

I was equally impressed that nothing but a new pad of paper, markers, two cars, snacks and dance parties (okay, arm waving and head bobbing) was required to keep my little dude decently entertained.

Of course truth be told, it poured for the first three hours of the drive out to Wisconsin and two different colors of marker mishaps had stained Aidan's cheeks within minutes of our departure.

BUT. We did it. Our longest road trip ever, just the two of us.

I remember, vividly, when driving through the speedy, bumper-to-bumper scene of Chicago caused me to lean forward, white knuckles gripping the steering wheel. On this trip I was the definition of relaxed: shoes tossed in the passenger seat, flipping through my ipod and crusing with the flow of traffic.

I've described in other posts the things I've had to buck up and figure out how to handle on my own: shop vac usage on Christmas Eve with 18 people on their way to my house, shoveling at 3 am so I can get out of the driveway for work, killing live mice with a broom.

I've come to find that we can all handle more than we give ourselves credit for. I think it defines a person, the way we react when the mold of life as we know it breaks and we're left, standing alone in the pieces. I was a little bit of disaster for months.

It's just me and this boy. And I realized, while crossing state lines, listening to Fleet Foxes and munching on goldfish crackers...I'm finally totally okay with that. I'm comfortable in these single mama shoes. And I get to share so much life with the coolest kid I know.


  1. I love this story. When I think about having children on my own, I get a little nervous and then I read something like this and realize that I too, can handle it. I can also tell Mapquest to suck it.

  2. What a great post. It warmed my heart to picture you and your little guy road trippin' together. Just you and the kiddo, conquering the world! (ok, conquering a 5-hour car trip...but that's saying a lot!)

    And wow, lady, killing a mouse with a broom? Badass! Thanks for the reminder than we can do more than we give ourselves credit for.

  3. good for you!! now you're all warmed up and ready for a cruise to New Orleans to visit your favorite sister! whoop whoop!! and don't tell me you can't do 16 hours, because my 32 hour drive to California with Cierra is still fresh in my mind. :D we did stop in Yuma, Arizona which is on the California border, but from Lexington, KY to Yuma we only stopped for gas!!!